Slackware Audio Workstation
Current Version: 0.4
Packages are built for Slackware 12.1.
Installation instructions, tips, and general information can be found on the SAW Wiki.




Tue Oct 28 2008

I've decided after spending quite a bit of time testing out Slackware-current that I'm going to focus my packaging efforts on the next release of Slackware. This is largely due to the fact that the next release of Slackware will include a lot of the packages that require building for Slackware 12.1. This also means there won't be a "release" of SAW for Slackware 12.1. The packages provided as SAW 0.4 are fully compatible and work well as outlined in the wiki, but the current selection of DAW packages on is a bit thin. I intend to remedy this once the next version of Slackware is released, but in the meantime you'll have to do some of your own package building to get a fully functional DAW out of Slackware 12.1.

Thu Oct 22 2008

Slackware Audio Workstation 0.4 is out! Version 0.4 will (hopefully) be the last SAW release before SAW version numbers start matching Slackware's. As it is I've begun submitting my buildscripts to Once all the buildscripts are submitted and the wiki has been fully updated I'll update the version to match Slackware's and make some kind of fancy "stable release" announcement. In the meantime, experienced users can start using 0.4 in conjunction with immediately :)

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